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DJ vish & tracy

dj vish


DJ Vish Nawosah has been rocking the dance floors across the globe for more than a decade.

His passion for music gave him the motivation to defy convention and pursue music more than just a passing hobby.

Born on the exotic Island of Mauritius, Vish began his musical ride in 2007 as a cleaner and Dj helper in Club. There was no turning back.

Vish is the only Mauritian DJ to fill concert size venues internationally and has also been the only Mauritian DJ to play for ALAN WALKER for the opening of 'Lost Frequency' in Hungary.

His passion for Djing turned into a part time job when Vish joined one of the biggest cruise liner companies - seizing the opportunity to travel the world, learning different genres and styles of music along the way. 

Now known as DJ VISH NAWOSAH the International Dj, he set his first milestone in music mixing on YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud (named as mixvill vibes) which turned out to be a hit Commercial Open Format Music, Top 40, Dance, RnB, House & Classics, Big Room Music, House, Progressive House or EDM.

Always sounding fresh and with an extensive music library, Vish has much experience behind him - djing at events and has an ability to mix music and beat match to a high standard.

He has a good ear for music, enjoys creating a fun and energetic atmosphere wherever he goes and speaks confidently on the mic with a clear voice in English. 

Sociable and approachable. Great customer service. Vish enjoys working with guests and cannot wait to be there with you to keep you and your guests dancing!

Tracy Wilson is a MC/Host for karaoke, disco and party events. 


Since the age of 18, Tracy has been involved in nightclubs and has always had a passion for music, partying and singing.


Before joining forces with DJ Vish, Tracy was a regular at one of our most popular venues in Mitcham and could often be found belting out a song or two on the mic.


aA real people person, Tracy loves to see people dancing, singing and having a great time and really likes to encourage everyone to get involved and have some fun!

Vish and Tracy are based in Mitcham and will travel anywhere within a 20 mile for paties, gigs and special events.



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